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As an One Direction’s fan, i find the idea of selling a perfume stupid.
As a The Wanted’s fan, i find the idea of doing a reality show stupid.
But i’m still going to buy “Our Moment” and to watch ” The Wanted Life”.

When people say that The Wanted are not talented

When people say that One Direction are not talented

Some peoples are pathetic.

First, that was Wiz Khalifa who gave the award to One Direction so the 2nd gif was not for One Direction.

The third gif with Rihanna & Katy Perry happened when Nicki Minaj won best female video.

So maybe the first one is true, i don’t know but the others are completely fake.

Day 16 : A celebrity that you would love to have over for dinner

One Direction

One Direction - Twitter Pictures

One Direction in Le Grand Journal monday evenning !

One Direction on my TV !

If you want to listen One Direction tonight on NRJ Radio France

One Direction : Harry et Louis vous dévoilent la première surprise (Vidéo)
vidéo One Direction sélectionnée dans Musique

Harry & Louis on

I just read that One Direction will come in France the 14th february !

They know that we exist!

But i’ll not be able to go because i live too far away from Paris