Day 20 : A celebrity who you think is a model

Michael Jackson

Day 19 : A celebrity whos house you would like a tour of

Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles’ house

Day 18 : A celebrity whos wardrobe you would love to own

Emma Watson & Dianna Agron

Day 17 : A celebrity who would play you in a movie about your life

Naomi Scott

Day 16 : A celebrity that you would love to have over for dinner

One Direction

Day 15 : A celebrity who you think cares more about the money and the fame rather than the fans


Day 14 : A celebrity whos concert you would love to go

Lady Gaga

Day 13 : A celebrity that you would anything to meet

Darren Criss

Day 12 : A celebrity from your favorite TV show

Chris Colfer ( Glee )

Day 11 : An artist that you like that isn’t famous wordwide yet

Olly Murs